Friday, January 27, 2012

LA Market 2012

COLOR COLOR COLOR! - 3 words that best wrap up our week in LA! Girls we just cannot wait to show you all the FINE things coming in for Spring! When a season gets THIS fabulous all we can do is smile because bringing it all back to our Material Girls is what makes us love what we do so much!

So here's out wrap-up of our first trip to market of 2012 (one of many!)

Here are some shots of the FABULOUS jewelry we purchased, its all about the statement pieces!
Picking out some jewelry!
Be prepared to make a statement with your jewelry this season!

Cannot tell you how excited I am about these bracelets!! The cross wrap is already on my wrist!! These sweet and simple bracelets are great for stacking all together and layering with your Alex & Ani or LGA!!! 

The rest of the week was spent on CLOTHES AND SHOES!!! Ahhh our favorite! Oh yea, and we picked up something new this season for material girls, SWIMSUITS!!
We know a lot of our girls have big date parties, events and Spring weddings coming up this season so you know we've got you covered!! Here's a shot of all the cocktail dresses we ordered!

A girl's gotta eat after all that hard work right? Here are some pics of our meals!

Smoked Salmon from our hotel breakfast! Yummmm
Lunch is always a quick thing when we're working but that doesn't mean the food isn't great (and not to mention how fabulous it feels to rest our feet for a few!) just because we're sitting doesn't mean we aren't working! Holland snapped this shot of me at lunch one day, work work work!

We love eating lunch from the street vendors!
I don't think we've ever ordered this many shoes at one time!  Call your favorite store to be put on the list!

You'll even see tons of COLOR in our handbags.. we loved these clutches!
Get ready for LOTS of colored denim!!
More colored handbags, structure is also very in for handbags this season!
One of my personal favorite tops, we've had it in before but this is a new color, the back detail is amazing!
COLOR!!! We're so excited!!
Here's a look we're all sure to love!  Beautiful salmon color dress with gold studs!! HOT DATE NIGHT!
We brought back some great styles of colored skinny jeans... here is the pair for Material Girls, and below is the designer pair, you can't even tell the difference!! Ahhh I love my job!

Bandage skirts and neons are still HOT HOT HOT for Spring 2012!!
LOVING this lace dress!! Looks like a designer piece! Can't wait to add this to my closet!

Ladies, I'm SO confident about how much yall are going to eat up Spring 2012 and it's only my FIRST trip to market this year! Trust me when I say I keep each of you in mind when buying, sometimes we'll even say things like "Oh Adrianne & Nikki will absolutely love this! We'll have to call them when it arrives!" Really we do! Its because of my ALL my fabulous customers both in MS and all over that I get to do what I truly love! So I am just dying to see yall in these amazing styles this season, I know y'all are going to look great!!

Here are some more styles to get excited about!! Remember, ALL the new merchandise starts arriving on Monday and you know we'll be working nonstop to get it on the floor and post pics! You'll walk into a whole new Material Girls come Monday and guess what? It'll be FULL OF COLOR!

See y'all next week!


  1. I love the Cross bracelet with the blue material!

  2. Thanks Ashley! We should have them in stores in a few weeks! They are so cute!

  3. You are adorable!!!! Love the blog! You need to get some maternity for me ha ha!! I must have the top you said was one of your favorites! Love it!

  4. Loving all the current newer clothes in store and can't wait to see the new arrivals coming in...KOVE ALL OF THE COLOR!!! I'm in love with the large cross bracelet ;)

  5. Girls yall are too sweet! Thanks for reading! and Just wait the best is yet to come! We will be posting TONS of FUN new clothing, shoes, and jewelry next week! =) So keep watching Facebook!