Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freshen Up for 2012

Hey Ladies!

We hope that everyone had a fabulous Holiday season and a Happy New Year just like we did! We've loved every minute of helping our customers and their loved ones pick out the perfect gifts for you this season!  I hope that everyone loved all their goodies from Material Girls!  

We're gearing up for another great year at Material Girls and with that said, we've been getting ready at home as well!  I spent a few days organizing my closet and cosmetic space and I really feel so much better now that it's all organized and tidy!  It's amazing what some a new year's motivation will do for you and get your life ready to take on another year with all your clothes, makeup, and jewelry looking it's best!  Ladies, it's time to de-clutter, clean-out and organize for 2012!!  

I've posted a few pictures to show you what I've done in my space to hopefully inspire you to get freshened up too! 


I started with a quick and easy solution for those pesky makeup brushes that seem to get scattered all over my counter every morning, this was super easy and has been such a great fix! I bought a small glass "vase" from Hobby Lobby (this week all glass was 50% so that was a nice treat!) then I filled it with rice and created this perfect little way to keep organized while maximizing my counter space! Here is the finished product!

My next task, a much bigger one, was to organize my jewelry!  I think y'all can relate to this problem, a whole season's worth of jewelry all over your house... well that's what happens sometimes!  Let's not worry about that, let's get it organized and pretty so you can actually SEE what you have and get the most wear for your buck!  I'm lucky enough to have a mom that noticed my problem as well, she purchased a FABULOUS new jewelry case for me for Christmas.  I must say, it was one of my most favorite presents this year because it's pretty yet practical and fits right in my closet!

Clearly this task would take a bit longer than those little makeup brushes! However, I was just so excited to use my new jewelry case that it helped motivate me to get started!  I have nice jewelry, family pieces and of course LOTS of fun jewelry from Material Girls, it all fit right in here!  

Here's a few pics to get the idea! 

Next was another big task... my closet!! Yikes!  I will tell you a few tricks to keep even the most packed closet pretty and organized.  My top tricks are to buy all the same kind of hanger so they lay nicely next to each other and the next one is to have all your hangers facing the same way, these don't seem like much but I promise once you get it going you'll see what a difference a few small changes make!  Next, color coordinate!  Getting ready in the morning will a breeze when you can see all your colors and items more clearly when it's all color coordinated!
Here's my finished product!!
Well I hope that my few ideas gave you a little inspiration to freshen up your 2012!   I know I feel so much better now that everything has it's place!
My next organization step is to organize my shoes! That will also take some work but it's next on my list for sure! I'm thinking about buying a few of those floor shoe racks that will line up under my clothing to at least keep most of them in their best shape and organized!  I'll let you know what I find!  
Here's what I'm thinking... or at least something like this:

The last step to getting completely clutter-free is to part ways with some of those old shirts, dresses, and jeans that need freshening up!  My favorite thing to do is pile it all up in garbage bags and take it to my favorite consignment shop where they'll resell it for me and I'll make a little money while I'm at it!  It's super easy and they do most the work for you!  I take most of my things to Private Collection in Madison right off of HWY 51.  You can call them if you have any questions 601-6074-6004.  The best thing about Private Collection is that you don't have to schedule a drop time, just bring it back whenever is most convenient to you!  

I have a few more things next on my list to get ready for Spring 2012, some ideas and some products that I'm super excited about!
First off, WHITE SKINNY JEANS! I cannot wait to go to LA in 2 weeks and bring back some of the newest styles! There's nothing I love more than to throw on a cute tank some white skinnies and my favorite pair of gold sandals!  Which brings me to my next point, I'll be in search of some new gold sandals while in LA too!  They are definitely my go-to piece in Spring and Summer, metallics seem to go with everything and are definitely the new "neutral" when it comes to footwear!
My next find will be a new sunscreen. It's not just about your makeup and clothes, it's much more natural than that, it starts with your skin!  Even though we love the sun, we need to make sure we're taking the best care of our face and skin as we can, that starts with a good sunscreen!  I'll be sure to post when I figure out what my favorite one is for this season!
Next is my new obsession.. EmiJay Hairties!  Girls if you haven't tried these little wonders you have GOT TO!! Trust me, your hair will thank you!  Throw out those old rubber bands and get ready for a fresh new change!  You can purchase them at any Material Girls location and they're super inexpensive! They don't break your hair like the old kind do and they also hold your hair in place and don't leave a bad crease!  The hair ties come in super fun colors and patterns!  


I hope that this has helped you get motivated to freshen up your 2012! Get ready for market week because we're heading to LA in just a few weeks!!! 



  1. The rice and make-up brush looks very familiar...

  2. Yep I learned it from my dear old friend Courtney!!! Love u!

  3. I really loved this post! Loved seeing all your great organizing tips put into action! :)