Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fashion is my Passion! - Whitney

Hey Girls!

People often ask me, "Did you keep this top?" or "I bet your closet is so big?" Well what can I say Fashion is my Passion, a love that started when I was a little girl! I remember my friends getting tons of toys at birthday parties and I was always getting clothes (because that's what I wanted instead of toys) , and lots of them. I think maybe my mom's mother, Honey (which is what we call her), may have started this whole "Material Girl" thing! ha But I promise I don't keep EVERYTHING! I just keep a few of my favorites or what my closet needs...well what I think it needs. I feel like I constantly have a running ticket or list of things "I want" and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for them, not just for me but for YOU girls at the stores too! When shopping in LA or NY for my market trips, I buy a piece from a designer label,  then I study it - what makes it unique? what makes it special? what makes it the "IT" piece this season?, then I am on a mission to find it for YOU my customer! 9 times out of 10, I actually succeed! I don't think I  could take it if I didn't find it! I wrote this blog so I can show you a few of my favorite pieces and get us started talking about SPRING 2012!!!  Below you'll see a few things I've kept from Material Girls and how I plan to wear them too! So lets just say if you have my style this will be a blog favorite of yours! So thanks for reading! 

PS: Market week is getting close! I will upload like crazy while I am there!

Here is my little assistant, Rudy, we're working on the blog!

Here is my outfit for the day, which is ALL from Material Girls top to bottom! Naked zebra top, sole mio skirt, our totally awesome leggings, and a Material Girls chunky necklace (which I am obsessed with big necklaces right now so be ready, because I will be bringing TONS of them back from market!)

Another piece that is a daily must-have, and I literally mean 5 out of 7 days, I have something from our seamless collection on. They just make your whole body look better....they smooth the lines out if you know what I are all the new colors of tanks and racer backs we just got in! 

Here is my other most recent addition to my closet...the backless bright yellow top! I just couldn't help myself... I wore it yesterday with my black jeggings and a racer seamless tank under it!

My other favorite, which I will be wearing when I attend LA market next week,...the mocha poncho!!! I freaking LOVE IT!!!!!! It opens on the sides so you can wear any color underneath it or a long sleeve for cooler weather days!
Ok, one last pic of my other new fav outfit....COLORED DENIM, it is a MUST ladies...and I just had to keep these RED ones! I love them! They are seriously going to be something you may see me in a lot this season...and I was dying for this over-sized light weight sweater to pair with them or a solid black bandage skirt. 
So here's the story on these beauties! Last year I was in love with a pair of Tory Burch wedges VERY similar to these, thankfully I held off for this season! I came across these when ordering for the store and I KNEW I had to have them at Material Girls! They look so much like the designer version and they are so sassy and PERFECT for Spring 2012! I hate to even post these now, because I think after Facebook yesterday they are almost sold out! No worries, we're heading to LA on Sunday so I'll try to reorder! Please comment on this blog with what size you'd like and we'll put you on the list to be called!

So here there are my latest... now you know a few of the things in my closet!  Hope y'all liked what I have chosen just as much as I do!  Remember, my key to buying for Material Girls is to not just buy what I like most, but to buy for every style and shape!  Please feel free to post your favorite looks...I may even do a spotlight on YOU for a blog..wink wink! 

Thanks for your support and kind words...Whitney

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  1. Whitney,
    I miss being able to come into the store so much now that I am here in DC! Can't wait to see all your Spring stuff... Keep up the good work!