Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HOT vs. Not!

Showing some leg!!!! Skirts are soooo IN right now! Whether you prefer a sexy bandage style or A-line skirt! It is a fashion must to own a skirt this season! So show some leg ladies because it is one HOT trend everyone must try!

Showing too much skin! If you are wearing a tight skirt wear it with a more sophisticated top. I like to do a small sleeve when wearing a short skirt. Golden rule: if you are showing off more leg then cover up the top, if you are showing more shoulders or chest then be more conservative on the bottom.

Prints!!! Prints of all sorts! Aztec prints, floral prints & even stripes! I know some of you are scared to try prints or think they make you look bigger, but just be picky when choosing  your print! Smaller prints are easier to wear, try a fun spring floral button-up, they are the most flattering.  Wear it with your favorite jeans and a seamless tank. It can look effortless yet so in-style!

Wearing too many prints together! You may see it in the fashion magazines but that doesn’t always mean its right! Ha! A way to mix prints is to find a neutral color within the pattern and use that in the next print you are going to choose.  I like to do what I call the “3 rule.”
When wearing 3 items, 2 can be a print:
 The scarf  (print) + top (solid) + pants (print) = a great way to mix prints! =)

Wearing feather earrings or having a feather accent on your shoes is about the only way a feather is cool these days. I love a gorgeous gold earring in the shape of a feather.  Or even wearing a feather print scarf!

Wearing feathers in your hair! It was super cool last summer but it is a BIG NO now! Let’s look back and love them as a memory now!

“The bigger the better” should be your slogan when buying a necklace this year! Necklaces are THE statement piece of the season! I love mixing metals and colors… like gold, turquoise and coral… it can totally transform an outfit! You can even pair it with a simple white T and bam you have a funky stylish new outfit! 

Necklaces are never going out of style. But for those of you, who only prefer dainty jewel up top, I am sorry but it’s just not what’s HOT right now! But def always a classic!

Colorful shoes are such a HIT right now! Designers are mixing materials and colors like never before! The magazines are full of color block wedges, two-toned heels, and neon sandals.  Slip into a pair of colorful shoes and you will instantly turn a simple summer dress into GLAMOROUS!

Wearing color can brighten anyone’s day. But too much color and you may scare your friends at the office! So try and pair your colorful shoes with a more understated outfit. I love wearing my white skinny jeans with my turquoise heels then a simple sweater on top.  Or wear a simple LBD with a pair of awesome cobalt shoes and jewels! I always try and balance my colorful outfits!

Clutches aren’t only for nighttime girls! They are the “IT” bags of the season! I mean if I was famous and had it all I would have a different clutch for everyday! HA! Several designers are mixing hardware on the bags and doing 2 toned bags as well. I also like the clutches that have the option of having a strap, many of the ones I chose for the store have straps because it’s not always convenient to carry a clutch.

No more digging for days in your bag for your cell phone, because massive bags as big as you are, are over ladies! I am sorry but this was a trend I am glad to see go! I think it is a fashion must to show some style with your bag not hide your body!

What does your hair look like when you think it is looks its best??? If you didn’t say ponytail, then maybe you should try it! Ponytails are seen from red carpet looks to everyday wear.  Braid them or wear it sleek back or with a center part.

Wearing the same hairstyle every day. Girls make your today your NEW HOT HAIR RESOLUTION to yourself to try and change your hairstyles up a bit! (A little Whitney secret…in case you haven’t noticed this is what I made myself do HAHA) You can start simple by changing the part or go bold with color or curling it! This is a very easy way to catch some attention!