Friday, January 13, 2012

Brace Yourself!

Our readers seemed to love our Freshen Up blog we did, it inspired me to write about our love of BRACELETS & BANGLES!! 

From age 21, I started my David Yurman collection; I'd ask for them as gifts from my parents whether it be for graduating from USM or birthdays, a new DY bracelet was what I wanted!  So when I began expanding on designer jewelry lines for Material Girls I knew I wanted to add a few lines that would compliment my existing bracelet collection!  

As most of you know, our favorite bangle lines that we carry at Material Girls are Lauren G Adams and Alex & Ani.  We've carried both lines for a few years now and each collection just seems to be getting better and better!  I get so excited when shipments arrive each season and I dig through the boxes to find my next "it" piece to add to my wrist!  

The thing I love about a great bangle collection is it's such a statement of your individual style & personality.  It speaks for you and adds that statement look that just takes any outfit to the next level.  Adding bangles to your jewelry collection is a simple way to embrace your personality through your jewelry. The great thing about the jewelry from Material Girls is that its pretty reasonable and attainable for any budget!  

Here is my take on how to add to or start your bangle collection on a budget! 
  • You'll want to start with 1 or 2 statement pieces, now whether this is a designer piece from David Yurman or a statement piece from Lauren G Adams is up to your budget! Both are just as fabulous and as you'll see from some examples below, either direction will lead to a fabulous set of bangles!  
  • Once you have your statement pieces, you'll add bangles according to the look you want to go for, or buy a few different... like some dressier Lauren G Adams for date night, then some more casual and fun pieces from Alex & Ani to mix in during the day! The great thing about Alex & Ani is that they are such reasonable prices! The single bangles start at $21.95 and only go up to about $35.95.  There are also some statement pieces that we love like the cross bangle or feather wrap bangle and those go for $49.95, which is still so attainable! 
  • Add in some fun colors with your Lauren G Adams bangles, this is where you can create a theme, whether your favorite color is Pink or Blue, you can create a whole look on your wrist that will make such a statement! 
 Next we wanted to show our readers what exactly we mean when we say "your bracelets can speak for you/your personality." So we've featured some of our Best Bangle Customers below to show you how unique each set can really be! 

Here's is a peak of Adrianne's collection, she's a fun and girly college student that has a few different collections that will adapt to different looks she's going for.. 

We love what she's done with her pink bangles... she has 2 statement pieces, the 1 on the far left is a GORGEOUS pink statement cuff, then she's added the pink and yellow dove bangle for that extra pop of color and to tie in the white bangle on the far right with the yellow stone charm.
Here is Adrianne's black collection!  We are just IN LOVE with this whole set she's collected from Material Girls over the years.  You'll see her Alex & Ani bangle on the far left with the black stone charm, she's also mixed in a rhinestone and silk wrap bracelet by Ettika (thats the one in the middle with the interwoven rhinestones,), it's to the left of her David Yurman cuff, which as you can see here really mixes so beautifully with bangles from Material Girls! 

Next, we've featured Raegan's bangles!  Most of you know her from our Facebook pictures, she's our gorgeous model with long dark hair =)  Raegan features a more edgy and everyday look when it comes to her bangle sets, every now and then you'll see her add a Lauren G Adams statement cuff when she's dressing it up a bit!
You can see that Raegan fills her collection with Alex & Ani, quite the opposite as Adrianne but you still get the same dramatic statement affect with both girls' style!  Raegan has also added in her David Yurman cuff on the left, see how it can just mix and match with Adrianne's Lauren G Adams sets and now Raegan's more day to day collection of Alex & Ani?  We just LOVE what Raegan has done with all her Alex & Ani's!  If you're more of a gold person, we have all these same bangles in gold as well! 

Next in line is one of our old employees/models, Ginny!! We sure miss her bright face but you'll soon be getting more of Ginny in Material Girls with her new handmade jewelry line, Simple Joys.  She's making us some fabulous new jewelry that will hit Material Girls' sales floor next week!! Keep a look out and check our blog because we'll be sure to write all about Simple Joys & Ginny so you know about the new line!   Here is Ginny's bangle collection:

Ginny adds her vintage style to her collection with her pearl bracelet (handmade by her from her line, Simple Joys), she's mixed some of Raegan's style with her gold Alex & Ani bangles along with my fav Lauren G Adams turquoise bangle! She's got that edgy vintage look with a classic touch of pearl! Ginny, we're loving what you've done with your collection and CANNOT WAIT to have Simple Joys at Material Girls!

Now here is another great Material Girls customer, Courtney's collection!  You'll see yet again, it's all the same designers as Adrianne's and Raegan's but still unique to her style!  

Courtney's collection is a mix of different bangles she's collected over the year.  She's got a David Yurman statement piece along with a few Lauren G Adams statement bangles.... she's got several statement pieces that she can wear 1 or 2 with some smaller bangles and have several completely different and unique looks!  

Lastly, I figured I'd give yall a peak of some of my favorites in my collection!  I can't talk all about my love for bangles and not show yall what I've got going in my jewelry box! I've got several different collections I've added over the years but this mix of bangles seems to be my "go-to" look lately with that simple pop of turquoise color!
With mine, you get a true sense of what it means to mix and match your jewelry designers to come up with a unique look JUST for you!  Today, I've mixed in my Ettika bracelet (far left) with my Alex & Ani cross wrap, another beaded Ettika, then a DY cuff, another couple Alex & Ani (a personal simple fav, the turquoise small bangle) next to my David Yurman statement cuff. HINT: I actually mixed in a "David Yurman Look-A-Like" can YOU tell which one it is? I bet you can't!  Ok.... I'll tell you, it's the smaller cuff in the middle.  We have these look-a-likes at Material Girls for only $34.95! We're all about making things fabulous on a budget so this is a true showing that you can mix in a bargain piece with your collection and no one will ever know! 
The thing I love about this collection is that just like any of my customers mentioned above, it's taken me some time to add to make this collection special but that is what is so fun about starting or adding to your personal collection!  Over time, you'll add your statement pieces, start asking for some as gifts on your birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day for all you mom's out there!  Then, always check Material Girls' Facebook page for when we have huge blowout sales and include our jewelry brands... we just had one back in December and I know all the girls mentioned above added quite a few to their collection! So have some fun with your bangles and add something to your wardrobe that really speaks for you like nothing else can! 

Hope that was just as fun for you as it was for me!  I'll be sure to post some more pics on our blog as we get some more customers all bangled up! 


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