Thursday, August 23, 2012


Wow!!!! I cannot believe this year is flying by so fast!!!! It has been crazy! I just got back from market and I hope all of my FAB customers are loving the new arrivals because this is my favorite time of the year!! I know I am always talking about the F’s in life, you remember, Fashion, Family, Friends, Food, Fun, and now one of the long awaited F’s that keeps getting better and better every year….FALL!!! I don’t know about y’alll but this Mississippi girl is ready for some COOL weather…oh and OF COURSE my BOOTS!!!!!

Fashion in the fall is so fun!!!! I am so READY to slip into all of my Fall favorites!!! Now, when I think of Fall I think of the fair, football, the leaves turning, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the wonderful things Fall brings to us each year! I love everything about Fall, one of the things Fall brings to my life is FOOTBALL!!! I don’t  know about y’all but I love to tailgate. It is the perfect time to hang out with friends and family and really enjoy all the F’s in life!! We all know the best part about football season is getting dressed up and going out to The Grove, District, Junction or where ever your tailgate may be.

 Material Girls has been on a mission to bring you the best fashion for this tailgate season! This year when it was time to have our Fall photo shoot for our advertising I even decided to go with a tailgate themed photo shoot!!!! I LOVE IT!!! We are going to be ringing those cowbells, cheering for the eagles, and singing Hotty Toddy this football season!!! The store is stocked with more game day outfits than ever before. Material Girls is even going be giving you discount cards for shopping for your tailgate outfits!! Come in any of our stores anytime between now and November 18th and get your “Tailgate ready and Fashion approved” by Material Girls discount card!!!

I hope you ladies enjoy our SNEAK PEAK into our Tailgate fashion shoot!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


I am so excited to be releasing our new fragrance line! I didn’t think it would ever happen but I have been working on this for over a year now! I love perfumes, I can’t get enough. I have always wanted to design my own fragrance and about a year ago I had the chance to finally begin my very own fragrance line. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted in a fragrance but I did know that I wanted to be the one to pick and choose all the smells. I did some research and found tons of places that would send you several pre mixed scents to choose from but it just didn’t seem personal enough to me. So, I found the perfect place right here in Mississippi. I was able to meet with the lady and take her some of my favorite scents and she gave me some great ideas and now we have it perfected.  It is a cool, clean, and refreshing scent. I decided to go with the body splash to be more affordable. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention my FAV part of this line: It can also be used as a spray on your linens! Yes, ladies it is safe to spray on your linens and fabrics at home to give your house a fresh smell. 

The next step, after finding our scent, was giving it a GREAT NAME, “Joey”! Now, I am sure you are wondering where in the world I came up with the name Joey. Well, for those of you who know me know that my dad passed in 2006 in a boating accident. I had already opened Material Girls in Dogwood and was planning on making a trip to Hattiesburg with my dad to look at opening my second store when the accident happened. My dad was a huge influence on me as far as my business goes. Not a business decision goes by that I don’t stop and think “what would dad have done.” When it came time to name the fragrance I wanted it to be something meaningful. Not just a cute name but something that really could be close to my heart. I decided to name it after my dad “Joey.” I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and my mom. I am just so thankful to have this opportunity to share a little of my dad with all of you. I hope you love the fragrance and we can’t wait to see you at our Launch Party. 


Joey Launch Party
Join us for sweet tea and sweet treats!! 
Thursday July 19 from 4pm till 6pm! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey ladies! I hope you are all having a FAB summer! Down in Mississippi we are learning the TRUE meaning of a HOT summer! Here at Material Girls we are always searching for the next big trend! Nothing makes us happier than announcing that we have found it!!! What is it you wonder???? Well, it is “shopping for a cause!” Now, if you ladies are anything like me, all shopping is for a good cause duh the “filling of my closet” is the best cause of ALL! Haha! No, but really doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you get to help someone in need! If you think the only way to do that is volunteering or donating money well we are here to set the record straight!!! You can help others and STAY ON TREND at Material Girls!!! Take a glance at a couple of our BRANDS FOR A CAUSE!!!!

Here we go!!!! FIRST "Lily and Laura Bracelets"

AHHH BRACELETS! I swear I cannot get ENOUGH of them!! These sweet little things are “Lily and Laura Bracelets!” They are beaded bracelets that are handcrafted by the village women in Nepal. Where is Nepal you ask? Nepal is a landlocked country between India and Tibetan region of China. Still confused? Well, Nepal is also the home of Mount Everest….the tallest mountain in the world!!
Here are a few pictures of the ladies making the bracelets! Yes, this is a roof top they love sitting on the roof top while they are making the FAB bracelets!

Proceeds from your purchase help to improve the lives of their families! The women of Nepal design and  hand crochet each bracelet bead by bead. These beautiful bracelets stretch and roll over your hand for a perfect fit on anyone!!!! Now, the only problem with these bracelets is deciding which colors to choose!!! Here are a few of our FAV ways to wear them!!!! We Hope you can stop by or call to order your Lily and Laura bracelet soon!!!!

Chunky necklace I think YES YES YES!!!! These are hand crafted necklaces from the Akola project. This is a non-profit enterprise in Uganda, East Africa that trains, empowers, and equips over 200 women to uplift the lives of their families and communities through income generating crafts! 

We are LOVING these new necklaces they are for a good cause and ON TREND! These jewelry sales equip the women with monthly income to provide food, medical care, and education for their families. Stop by and pick up your new chunky necklace and always remember the power of women! Here are a some of the ladies that are apart of the Akola Project!!! 

A few of our FAV pieces!!!! 

Stay tuned for more BRANDS FOR A CAUSE that are sure to impress!!! Never forget that life is much more than a picture! Life is never black and white struggles come in all shapes colors and forms! Never under estimate the power of HELPING even if is in a small way!! Small things can make BIG impacts!!! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day FUN!!

Hey Material Girls!!! I hope you all had a FAB long holiday weekend!!!! Nothing makes me more thankful for the “F’s” in life than Memorial Day. What are the “F’s” in life you wonder? Well, “Friends, Family, Fashion, and FOOD” of course. I love being able to spend time with my friends and family and enjoy some “M,M,M material girls eats!!” Yes, even fashionistas have to make time for FAB EATS!!!! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite summer dishes!!! Oh, and don’t worry I will also be explaining my fashion forward cooking threads too!!!! I said before life wouldn't be possible without the "F's" in life!! I couldn't start this weekend without packing TONS of FAB fashions!!! Here is a glimpse of my suitcase as I got ready for my BEACH VACAY!!!! 

Okay Ladies! Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day right???? I love starting my day with a FAB brunch with a view of the beach!!! What 5 star restaurant am I dinning at you ask??? Oh just my balcony no restaurant ladies!!! Yep, you heard it right I cooked this YUMMY breakfast burrito this morning!!!! I was the perfect start to our LONG BEACH DAY!!!! 
Friends on the beach ahh such a great way to spend this holiday weekend!!! Meet Kara, she is one of my best friends and was the special lady that got to enjoy those delish breakfast burritos this morning!!! Oh and fashionistas...Material Girls has a great selection of swim suits and headbands like the one I am wearing that are perfect for this Summer! 

No you are not imagining things this is Whitney and you guessed it Travis from THE BACHELORETTE!!!! Travis is always shopping for the girls in his life at Material Girls! I just love his sweet sister Clancy too! 

Pimiento and Cheese!!! Sunny days at the beach for sure call for a lunch you can throw in an ice chest!! I am LOVING pimiento and cheese this year!!!  PLUS orange is the new color of the season!!!! 
Hannah and I after we enjoyed our YUMMO sandwiches!!!!!!

I LOVE mini food!!!! Something about a mini-burger with 2 or 3 bites just seems so right!!! Little chicken mini's were SOO GOOD!!!                                     

I hear that you eat with your eyes??? I don't know how all of that works but this salad just LOOKS so good and it is just that GOOD!!!! Salads are perfect for summer cookouts!! This corn salad is so cool, colorful, and YUMMY!!!

Ladies, if you LOVE crab claws but don't want to mess up that beach body with all the fat from FRYING them then OMG.....these are your savior!!!!! Sautéed crab claws are a MUST!!!! Ahh so good!!! Secret is just add Italian  dressing  to the crab claws and they are a FAB treat!!!!    

TAN is right!!!! Can you tell it is our last day at the beach!!!! WOW, we had a great time!!!! These are my friends Candace, Jessie (Oxford Manager), Me, Kara, and Katherine!

Okay Material Girls! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Ladies, lets not forget the real reason for this wonderful holiday! It is a time we can be thankful for all of those men and women who serve for our country. Our America couldn’t be possible without these special men and women who put it all on the line for our FREEDOM!!! Take a little time and remember all of the brave soldiers that have fought for our country!!!

Enjoy Ladies! Don’t forget to always be “on trend!!!!!!”

Thursday, May 10, 2012


How to wear a summer sweater!

Okay ladies! What is the first thing you think of when you hear "SWEATER?" Most of you would say COLD WINTER MONTHS and we hope to have you thinking differently after reading this blog!!! Material Girls is here to set the record straight, sweaters are for ANY SEASON!!! I know for most of our fans we hear all the time how valuable those transition pieces are and a sweater is no different!!! All you fashionistas and tabloid lovers you may not be new to the trend but for all of our other loyal fans our MAIN goal to always bring you the latest trends! Hope you enjoy these fun summer sweater looks!

This is a great summer sweater! I love the oversized casual feel of this look and with a pop of neon! What more could you want?! This could definitily be a year round top! This sweater is $42.95
I think it is always fun to pair a summer sweater with jean shorts too! (shorts and sweaters are seen constantly on all our Favorite celeberites) I love this pair with the crochet waist line! These are freaking cute on and only $45.95
This is another Fabulous off the shoulder sweater! We are loving the color combo of this one! Perfect Summer look and only $39.95
This sweater is also a little cropped too! But the fringe makes a great statement!
Lilac star! This color is beautiful on! and would look great with white skinnies too! $39.95
Cut out sides gives it a funky feel!
Colored denim looked great with this cream sweater! Cream is always a more simple way to go! This look could go day to night easily! $42.95
Neutral wedges are a must too!!! These are a Perfect shoe to wear with all your Summer looks. $32.95
We were just in LOVE with this Neon Pink fringe summer sweater! It will definitily get some attention! $48.95

Thanks for reading our blog girls! We hope you are more confident that ever about this trend. We promise sweaters CAN be worn anytime of the year! Call today if you see a style you would like to bring home to your closet!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HOT vs. Not!

Showing some leg!!!! Skirts are soooo IN right now! Whether you prefer a sexy bandage style or A-line skirt! It is a fashion must to own a skirt this season! So show some leg ladies because it is one HOT trend everyone must try!

Showing too much skin! If you are wearing a tight skirt wear it with a more sophisticated top. I like to do a small sleeve when wearing a short skirt. Golden rule: if you are showing off more leg then cover up the top, if you are showing more shoulders or chest then be more conservative on the bottom.

Prints!!! Prints of all sorts! Aztec prints, floral prints & even stripes! I know some of you are scared to try prints or think they make you look bigger, but just be picky when choosing  your print! Smaller prints are easier to wear, try a fun spring floral button-up, they are the most flattering.  Wear it with your favorite jeans and a seamless tank. It can look effortless yet so in-style!

Wearing too many prints together! You may see it in the fashion magazines but that doesn’t always mean its right! Ha! A way to mix prints is to find a neutral color within the pattern and use that in the next print you are going to choose.  I like to do what I call the “3 rule.”
When wearing 3 items, 2 can be a print:
 The scarf  (print) + top (solid) + pants (print) = a great way to mix prints! =)

Wearing feather earrings or having a feather accent on your shoes is about the only way a feather is cool these days. I love a gorgeous gold earring in the shape of a feather.  Or even wearing a feather print scarf!

Wearing feathers in your hair! It was super cool last summer but it is a BIG NO now! Let’s look back and love them as a memory now!

“The bigger the better” should be your slogan when buying a necklace this year! Necklaces are THE statement piece of the season! I love mixing metals and colors… like gold, turquoise and coral… it can totally transform an outfit! You can even pair it with a simple white T and bam you have a funky stylish new outfit! 

Necklaces are never going out of style. But for those of you, who only prefer dainty jewel up top, I am sorry but it’s just not what’s HOT right now! But def always a classic!

Colorful shoes are such a HIT right now! Designers are mixing materials and colors like never before! The magazines are full of color block wedges, two-toned heels, and neon sandals.  Slip into a pair of colorful shoes and you will instantly turn a simple summer dress into GLAMOROUS!

Wearing color can brighten anyone’s day. But too much color and you may scare your friends at the office! So try and pair your colorful shoes with a more understated outfit. I love wearing my white skinny jeans with my turquoise heels then a simple sweater on top.  Or wear a simple LBD with a pair of awesome cobalt shoes and jewels! I always try and balance my colorful outfits!

Clutches aren’t only for nighttime girls! They are the “IT” bags of the season! I mean if I was famous and had it all I would have a different clutch for everyday! HA! Several designers are mixing hardware on the bags and doing 2 toned bags as well. I also like the clutches that have the option of having a strap, many of the ones I chose for the store have straps because it’s not always convenient to carry a clutch.

No more digging for days in your bag for your cell phone, because massive bags as big as you are, are over ladies! I am sorry but this was a trend I am glad to see go! I think it is a fashion must to show some style with your bag not hide your body!

What does your hair look like when you think it is looks its best??? If you didn’t say ponytail, then maybe you should try it! Ponytails are seen from red carpet looks to everyday wear.  Braid them or wear it sleek back or with a center part.

Wearing the same hairstyle every day. Girls make your today your NEW HOT HAIR RESOLUTION to yourself to try and change your hairstyles up a bit! (A little Whitney secret…in case you haven’t noticed this is what I made myself do HAHA) You can start simple by changing the part or go bold with color or curling it! This is a very easy way to catch some attention!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suitcase Ready!?

Ok ladies, Spring Break and Summer vacations will be here before we know it...  and hopefully we will all be taking trips to the beach, mountains, mission trips and more! If you are anything like me, then you’re always over packing! Here are some of my best tips to give you on how to pack most efficiently and effectively for a most pleasant trip!
  • Pick the right suitcase!  This is important especially if you are flying, because as we all know, those airlines will tack on fees left and right for an overweight bag!  It must be 50 lbs or under to avoid charges for overweight luggage!  My tip is to throw your bag on your scale before leaving to make sure there are no surprises at the airport! Next, choose a bag that is light weight and is easy to roll. I have a hard shell case one with swivel wheels on it. (TJ Max $69)
Here is my hard-sided suitcase, TJ Max purchase and I LOVE it!  It is so handy and easy to maneuver thru airports! Not to mention I don't have to worry about about anything inside getting damaged!

Here it is open, I like how I can pack things on both sides and then just fold the suitcase closed and everything stays in place just like I packed it!
  • When it comes to clothing pieces, the key to being able to fit more in your bag is rolling up your clothing! You will be amazed by how much more room this will give you! Oh and it helps with the wrinkles too! It's super easy to do with my suitcase and there is plenty of room!
  • Try your best to purchase travel size toiletry items to limit how much room your shampoo, etc takes up! Most items these days have smaller sizes for travel, but if not you can get a set of empty travel sizes containers (Walmart, Target, etc) you can fill with your own products!
Here are a few of my travel containers, I even found my hairspray in travel size!  I use this small Tory Burch cosmetic bag for travel as well, just keeps everything all together!

  • Don’t bring your big bottle of perfume, try bringing a smaller tester or body splash! You don’t want your nice bottle to break and it is probably pretty heavy too!
Here is my guilty pleasure, Bond #9 perfume!  My friend Alicia at Maison Weiss hooked me up with LOTS of samples of all my favorite scents!  I have started a collection of the full sized bottles for home, but these tester sprays are the best for travel!  Go see her and she'll help you find your favorite new fragrance!

  • Don’t forget your sunscreen! I have been looking and I am going to try La Roche-Posay Anthelios, I’ve heard it’s great for faces!  It has been chosen as best sunscreen for years now and has great reviews! So I will give it a try and let you know!
I've heard great things about this one, I'll let you know as soon as I give it a try!
  • If you’re headed to warmer temps... you’ll want to work on the perfect tan you, so are going to need some tanning oil! I use the continuous spray kind in the metal canister and nothing lower than SPF8 (which is still pretty bad I know)!  I did, however, give up tanning beds almost 2 years ago, they are just so horrible for you! YAY! But I do tan in real sun! Hey, everyone needs a little vitamin d!
This is as simple as it gets, Banana Boat Dry Oil!  You better believe I have a can of this whenever I'm heading out to the beach or pool!!  I like it because it doesn't getting you all greasy like the true oil in the pump spray!
  • SHOES!!! I am always taking way too many shoes! But who cares! Shoes make the outfit ladies! It is very important to have wedges, flats, and sandals/flip flops that  you don’t mind messing up in the sand!
Ok laugh it up, I know some of you are thinking that these are SO not like me, but I LOVE slipping these on at the beach, so cute with your denim shorts and a little tee headed down to the beach or shopping! Like I said, it's about practicality and you don't to mess up your cute sandals for a day at the beach!
Here is a new wedge that just hit the floor at Material Girls!  I am definitely keeping a pair of these for all my favorite Spring dresses & skinny jeans!

  • Baiting Suits… a MUST if you are going somewhere WARM!!! I know I’m not the only one who literally looks everywhere each year to have “the best” bathing suits! My favorites so far this year are the fringe tops! (Sportique $130)
Need I say more? OBSESSED!!!
  • Cross-body bag!  My life is much more simple since the cross body bag has been put on all the must-have fashion lists! I can’t even tell you how convenient these are for travel... it frees up your hands and is much safer than something just over your shoulder. It's always key to have practical travel pieces, y'all know I have a slight thing for having a few nice designer pieces as I've mentioned before, but you TOTALLY do not have to go spend that kind of money, just find something that has the same use and practicality (just like my suitcase, only $69).  Here are my 2 pieces that I have found so helpful!
The duffel is great for weekend trips or a long weekend off to the beach! The shoulder bag is our must-have for market week, it's great to fit everything we need while working, invoices, etc.
  •  Shrink that wallet size! I do not like traveling with a large wallet! Sorry HOBO Lauren wallet lovers! I use a small credit card id holder with a hook, also great for safety reasons! It makes your handbag lighter and besides, you don’t need all that “stuff” in your wallet for travel! Lighten that load ladies!
Here's my little LV one that I have found to be such a necessity when traveling!

Here's another option that is in stores now from Hobo, it's the Cali & it's $52.95!

  • Jewelry is another thing that is very hard to pack! Everything is so small and can get lost or broken! So it is important to have a good jewelry holder or bag! I like hard shell ones but you can do draw sting soft bags. Just don’t just throw it in your make up bag or toiletry bag this will definitely not help the life of your costume jewelry!
  • These days we all use our phones for EVERYTHING, including our cameras! Which is a lifesaver and so much easier for traveling! For those of you who have an Iphone 4 make sure you update it because if you do you will have almost all the features of the Iphone 4S. Which is  including being able to EDIT photos! YES that’s right you can crop, red eye, and fix coloring! What more could you need! I love APPLE!

So ladies, I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on packing!  Please feel free to share if you have any other ideas or tips when packing too! Hope everyone has a GREAT Spring Break! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion with a Focus - Blair E Batson Hospital


We have postponed our entry and giveway until further notice.  We want to make sure we give everyone a fair chance to enter to win our prize pack!  If you would like more info or have questions, please email us at  We are VERY excited to launch Fashion with a Focus and 2012 will be filled with opportunities to partner with Material Girls to give back to our local community! Please check our blog and Facebook regularly for more info!

Welcome to our newest initiative, Fashion with a Focus.  We're launching with a sponsorship teamed with The Radio People for The Blair E Batson Hospital Radiothon!  We wanted to do MORE, so we want to hear from our fellow Mississippians on how you or your child has been touched by our state's only hospital for children!  Read the instructions below to enter!

1.       Submit your child’s story to Material Girls via email to - story must be 500 words or less.  A friend or family member can nominate someone else and their child.
2.       The entry should tell that family’s story and how they were touched by Batson Hospital, the special care they received, and/or how their child had a special experience with the doctors/nurses/staff
3.       We’ll take entries via email from Thursday, Feb 23rd thru Thursday March 1st.
4.       After entry submissions – the Material Girls staff will narrow down to our favorites, the most touching and inspirational stories. 
5.       Material Girls will post top stories individually on our Facebook page
a.       The story with the most likes/shares/comments will WIN!
b.      Material Girls will allow “voting” for 1 week
6.       The winner, parent or guardian and child, will win a prize pack including Material Girls gifts and various other gifts from around our community (details posted closer to deadline)
7.       Winner will be announced on Facebook on 3/8/12