Friday, February 3, 2012

SEASONAL COLORS! Who decides what?!

Ever wondered how each Season's colors are chosen???

I remember when my love for fashion began. I would always have a color I was obsessed with at the moment! My love for that color would come from seeing it in magazines, TV shows, and in stores exactly as you see it in Material Girls. It was almost like the fashion world would force us to adore what color was the "IT" color or print for the season. BUT... where and who was predicting these colors??? Why were all magazine showing the same color combos, prints, and trends??? These are things I was questioning myself years I did my research and found out.

It was just recently I was asked this question, and as I explained it hit me that this would be my next blog topic! I wanted to give you all a little knowledge on how the colors for the season are chosen! So here we go in Whitney terms as I like to say! haha

The process is known as a "color trend forecast."  The most well known company that majority of the top fashion designers and manufacturers look to is The Pantone Color Institute, which has been in the color trend business for over 45 years. As of today they have over 2100 color shades! They are not just the color forecasters for Fashion, they are influncial in the worlds of textiles, home decor, graphic designs, cosmetics and much more!

Choosing the colors of the Season is a pretty neat process that incorporates mood, feelings, lifestyles, economy, and needs of consumers. Ex. Organic has been a HUGE trend right lately, so that means they could use this trend when forecasting by choosing a color that coincides with organic. Maybe like a fresh, light, green earthy feel to resemble the word organic. Ahhhh I get it!!! Interesting right?!  Well if you're like me in the least bit, it is definitely interesting!!

Just like eras and decades that come back in style the colors do as well!

There are definitely other companies that do this process this is just the one I hear about the most in the fashion world! I am sure that every designer has their own method of choosing.

Color Forecasting is predicted up to 24 months in advance. So that means that the colors for 2014 are already chosen! WOW! I don't know about yall but I can't imagine thinking that far in advance when it comes to fashion! HA! So lets just focus on Spring 2012!!!

The Top 10 colors of Spring 2012:

Tangerine Tango (orange color)
Solar Power (bright yellow color)
Bellflower  (purple color)
Cabaret (pinkish/red color)
Sodalite Blue (light blue color)
Cockatoo (turquoise like color)
Margarita (light fresh greenish color)
Sweet Lilac (light purple color)
Driftwood (neutral color)
Starfish (neutral color)

This Season's colors are a mix of pastels and neons! Which are definitely some of my FAVORITES! =) So I am so excited for you all to see the pieces I have chosen for Material Girls! There are some beautiful pieces and there won't be a day that something new doesn't go on the floor! I wanted to leave you with a few quotes and pics of some of my favorite color choices and sayings of Spring 2012! Have a COLORFUL week girls and hope you enjoyed reading!

"Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

For over 18 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers
of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season's most important
color trends.

Here's Material Girls' COLOR Preview! 

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