Friday, December 30, 2011

Ring in 2012 with ONLY THE BEST!

Are you struggling to find that perfect look for your New Year's Eve plans?  Material Girls has TONS of new arrivals to fit your plans whether you're heading out of town or just a night out on the town in Jackson!  Take a look at these hot items that will be sure to set you sparkling in the new year! This is just a peek at what we have in stores so come visit us today or tomorrow and let us help style you for 2012! 

Here are just a few looks that we love for a fun festive night out.  Remember that we're putting out new arrivals daily so come check any of our 4 locations and we'll be glad to help!  New Years night out can be as laid back as you want it, chose your outfit according to where you'll be celebrating. The ladies at Material Girls will help style your look and make you feel your best! 

Happy New Year!!! Let's ring in 2012 in STYLE from your favorite boutique!

Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Sale!!

Hey Ladies!!  Check our the info on our 3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Sale!!

 TODAY, Friday Dec 16, enjoy ALL denim & shoes are only $25!!!!
 It gets even better on Saturday, enjoy 30% OFF ALL Black & Silver clothing!! (Yea we're going to include all white too)
 End the weekend with HUGE savings, it's Sale Rack Sunday!! ALL sale rack items are only $5!!!!! (all sales final on sale merchandise)
 Shhhhh this is JUST a sneak peek for our BLOG readers only, you're the first to see what our BIG sale will be on Monday December 20th!  Send in  your dad, brother, boyfriend, or hubby to get ALL your favorite gifts all in 1 store, don't forget to them about our free gift wrapping and helpful staff!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We hope that all our customers have a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with loved ones, but GET READY TO SHOP on Black Friday because we have some AMAZING deals in the works for you!!  Work that turkey off at Material Girls!!  Here are the details of our Black Friday sale!  Make sure to pay attention to the store hours at your favorite location because all 4 stores have different hours that day.  Here is the info you'll need to know!

Keep updated on all the latest Black Friday sale info on our Facebook page, it's where we'll update the sale info, and if you have any questions, that is the best way to contact us!  If you have further questions after reading this blog you can email us at  Thanks and Happy Shopping... Gobble Gobble!!

Flowood & Hattiesburg ONLY Open to 8am
40% off the ENTIRE store
(store hours below)

ALL 4 Store Locations:
8am to 10am: 30% off
(Oxford opens at 9am)
10am to close: 20% off

Additional Deals & Steals:
$7 Sale Rack
All coats 40% off
$3 jewelry bucket
Flowood 6am to 8pm (early bird 6am to 8am)
Ridgeland 8am to 8p
Oxford 9am to 6pm
Hattiesburg 7am to 8pm (early bird 7am to 8am)

 Other info to know:
  • No Phone Orders on Black Friday 
  • No gift cards/certificates or credits can be redeemed 
  • All $7 sale rack items are FINAL SALE, no exceptions
  • No holding items 
  • No returns/exchanges accepted during our sale
  • No gift wrapping- wrapped boxes for jewelry will be available

Hattiesburg Location!!

Hey Ladies!!  Check out our video featuring our new Hattiesburg location!!  Hope to see you all on Black Friday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

BEST way to get your Favorite items off Facebook FIRST

Hey Material Girls!!

With almost 11,000 fans, our Facebook page has really taken off and we post pictures EVERY week of 100's of new arrivals (mostly on Tuesdays, hint hint)!  All 4 locations get new shipments in almost every day so whenever you visit the store, there will ALWAYS be something new to try on!

Every Tuesday, we post a new album to our Facebook page, within that album will be all our fabulous new arrivals of clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry!  We show you the whole outfit styled so you can shop easily from work or home!  We ship out packages everyday to our fabulous Facebook customers!  

Here is some basic info about shipping and Facebook, this info will help better serve you and get your orders out to you quicker and more efficiently.
1. We ship normal size packages for $5 anywhere in the U.S.!!  Boots and larger items will cost $10 for shipping.
2. We offer insurance for an additional $5 for packages $200 or less. We can insure larger packages for an additional fee.  When you place an order whether its on Facebook or over the phone please let us know if you would like insurance or not.
3. All packages will ship via the US Post Office regular mail unless otherwise specified by the customer.
We wanted to give our fans a few pointers on how to get your items FIRST and FAST!  Here are the steps to remember when commenting on our Facebook pictures so you'll get your item before it sells out!

1. Find your favorite items in the albums
2. Comment under the picture - (most items come in Small, Medium, & Large so when we post new arrivals we have all sizes, so its easiest if you just tell us which size you want rather than asking which sizes we have, that takes time and then your size may be sold by then and we would hate for you to miss your item!!)

A.  IN-STORE CUSTOMERS - comment on the item you want, tell us which size you want and your favorite store you shop at, then tell us if you want us to charge your CC on file and you'll just pick up later or let us know if we can hold it for you (only hold until the end of the night).

example 1:  "Please pull a small for me at Dogwood and I'll come try it on tonight" 
example 2: "Please pull a small for me at Dogwood, charge my card on file and I'll stop by to pick it up tomorrow after work."

B. SHIPPING CUSTOMERS - comment on the item you want and tell us which size you'd like and then let us know if we can charge your info on file or if you're a new customer let us know and we'll tell you which location to call to give your info!

example 1: "Please ship a small to me!  My shipping and payment info is on file!  I do not want insurance on my package" 
example 2: "Please ship a small to me!  My shipping and payment info is on file!  I do want insurance on my package" 
example 3: "Please ship a small to me! I am a new customer and I'd like to purchase this over the phone, please pull my size and let me know which store to call to give my information for shipping and payment" 

We hope this helps and makes your ordering process with Material Girls go smoother!  Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at
Happy Shopping!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Story Behind Material Girls

After settling in from market in Los Angeles, I've been thinking about how far I've come in 8 years.. So I wanted to give Material Girls' fans and supporters a little background on my latest decisions and how it all started!

My family has deep roots in Hattiesburg. Starting back when my dad played football for USM and my parents lived in the married dorms. Next, growing up tailgating as a child, then my own time on campus as a student and member of Kappa Delta sorority! As an adult, I have kept my connections to Hattiesburg in tact for all these years by visiting my younger brother, Skipper, and now tailgating on my own with friends and alumni from USM!

I opened my first store during my senior year of college in 2004 in Flowood and enjoyed the first 2 years as a business owner and recent grad! After a quick 2 years in business, I decided it was time to grow my business with my business advisor/daddy by my side to guide me thru my growth. My plan was to open a Hattiesburg location in the Turtle Creek Crossing mall. Then life and God's plan happened when I least expected it and in May of 2006 my father passed away in a tragic boating accident. The lease for Hattiesburg was in my car but needless to say, my life halted at that moment and business as usual would never be the same.

I pressed on with my first location and decided to recoup and recover and put the idea Hattiesburg away for a while. Later in 2007, the itch to grow finally came back but this time I decided to stay closer to home and open in the new development, Renaissance, in Ridgeland. After 6 amazing years of business in Flowood and 3 years in Ridgeland, I decided to drive to Oxford for the day with my mom and Holland to research and learn more about the town. No surprise to anyone who knows my quick but thorough decisions, I decided to open a store in Oxford that day at the end of July 2010. We got the lease the next day and the following day after that it was signed and keys were in my hands!! A month later, on Sept 1st, the doors to my third location were open for business!

My dad always taught me to go with my heart and gut and don't question yourself too much... I strongly believe that is why I have seen the success and blessings in my business. I know I am blessed as I look back on life before Flowood opened and he told me to always stay different and never let get in a routine/change is good and know what a blessing it is that a customers walks thru my doors everyday. As the daddy in him believed in his little girl, his strong business sense was scared to death for me and my new venture. Looking back over the last 8 years, I know he is the reason I am the businesswoman I am and why I am able to take chances and go with my gut!

It was only a few months into opening Oxford that I knew where I needed to be next. As much as it scared me, my heart kept telling me where I needed to be, Hattiesburg. I kind of let those thoughts pass for a few months as we settled in with the idea of 3 stores.

That didn't last too long, just a few weeks ago, I woke up and decided to drive to Hattiesburg to scope things out. Holland, Krista, and I drove for the day and looked at available spaces and I immediately got that excitement again and knew it just had to happen! In true Whitney fashion, I insisted on a lease within days and negotiations began! Holland's dad is our contractor and was on standby to begin a complete gutting of our space and remodel from the ground up! Want to know the weirdest part, the store is in Turtle Creek Crossing... same mall I had a lease for 5 years ago!

All that said, my customers, family, and employees are my everyday blessings which allow me to live my dream and continue to grow. I wanted to share my story of how Material Girls has continued to grow over 8 years..... And don't even think I'm done yet!!!

Whitney Giordano

Here is a picture of me and my dad just a couple of weeks before he passed away... I love memories like these!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Essentials

This Fall 2011 Season is shaping up to be one of our absolute favorites!  The trends are right on target and we're loving all the looks that can be worn so many different ways AND at any budget! Material Girls always has fabulous prices on every season's must-haves! In this blog, we've highlighted our TOP must-haves for Fall 2011 and shown you some ways to wear these essentials from Material Girls along with in the national fashion spreads!  Read away and get inspired to deck your closet with these essentials!  Don't be caught this season without them! As always, we're posting pictures DAILY on our Facebook page so make sure to check it out!

Every year around August, the ladies at Material Girls are itching to get out our boots and see all the new arrivals for the season!  We know our customers get just as excited about pulling on your first pair of boots for the season!  This season be on the lookout for riding boots and over the knee boots!  We've already received our first shipments and there will be plenty more to come!

Feminine Menswear
We're loving the menswear look this season!  There is nothing more classic than a sleek tuxedo or suit inspired look for Fall.   Take the hint from the Kardashian sisters, they love pulling out their tailored suites to show off all their curves! Find your look this season at Material Girls!

Pretty Lace
We go from menswear to soft and sweet lace but both are equally as HOT this Fall!  Don't miss out on this fabulous trend, let your girly side shine with a lace cardigan or tank layered under a blazer!  From full lace tops to a simple lace accent, lace is all over this season!

 Flare Jeans
There isn't a trend that the ladies at Material Girls are more excited about this season than Flare Jeans!  They are back and better than ever.... we've even found a few new brands that we're loving because they have a designer-look for a Material Girls' price! 

Silk Shirts
The silk look is so perfect for Fall to pair with your leggings or jeggings and riding boots! It's a cool and comfortable look that transitions perfectly from late Summer, into Fall, and through Winter! 
 The Color RED

Bold colors are HOT this Fall and RED is even hotter.  You'll see bold colors everywhere from blazers, to colored denim, to shoes... make sure to incorporate a pop of color this season and make it RED HOT! 

 Cable Knit Sweaters

Who doesn't LOVE a big comfy sweater with tights and boots? We haven't met her if she exists!  There is nothing more easy yet fashionable that a cable knit sweater with some tights or jeggings and your favorite boots; it's any easy yet chic way to make a statement in cooler temps! 

Structured Handbags

Pictured in all the fashion magazines this structured look is everywhere, you'll always see Kim K. carrying her Hermes bag!  Get this Jessica Simpson bag for a fraction of the price but the same trendy look!
 Gold Accessories
Gold is our favorite any time of year but against Fall colors this season, it just makes everything look richer and more vibrant!  Incorporate shiny gold or even a brassy more muted gold.... go from earrings to necklaces even belts and handbags!  Here's the same earring we have in-store right now both showing the different gold tones you can use this Fall!

 Blazers & Leather Jackets
Right on up with riding boots, is our next most favorite thing this Fall are JACKETS!  This season your blazer or jacket IS your outfit... so make sure you stock up, it's not just for warmth anymore, it's a statement in itself!  We have so many to chose from at prices starting at $39.95 so it'll be easy to get all the colors you want from Material Girls!

We hope you enjoyed our Trend Report for Fall 2011!  We ALWAYS have plenty of these trends in-stores ready for you to try on and we're ready to help you style your look from head to toe!  Make sure to check our Facebook page for new arrivals!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pear by Material Girls

We're launching our new handmade jewelry line, Pear by Material Girls!!!  


Monday, August 29, 2011

Behind the Scenes in Vegas!

Happy Monday!

We hope everyone's week is starting out great!  I know we're excited to have Whitney back from market and got even more excited when we saw all her pictures of what is coming to Material Girls SOON!  We wanted to show y'all some pictures to give you a sneak peek of what you'll see coming in over the next few months and into Spring 2012 (YIKES!)!  

We're trying to really stay on top of getting our customers EXACTLY what they want, and in working on that we're getting better at sending out emails to let you know when something you were interested in arrives!  So, anything you see in this post that you want to know about when it arrives just shoot us an email at and mention what item it is and we'll put you on a list to notify!
Here is where Whitney stayed while at market

All market or as we call them "shows" in the fashion world have names, the one we visit in Vegas is called, Magic!  Here is a big shot of just SOME of the showrooms! You can see why it takes a few days to go through it all!

Every showroom is different is it's so exciting walking from room to room seeing what is HOT for this season and also getting a peek at what Spring 2012 will bring! Here's Whitney checking out some new handbags by one of our fav lines, Deux Lux!
 While we're talking about Deux Lux, here is a shot of what is to come for Resort 2011, which will be in our stores at the end of November JUST in time for Christmas presents!! We're in LOVE with this collection, which includes fabulous new duffles, iPad cases, makeup bags and ID holders!

All Material Girls' LOVE anything fur and a fur vest is still our #1 favorite items for cooler temps!  In fact, a stylist on The Today Show just this morning was asked what her go-to must-have item for her Fall wardrobe was this season and guess what she picked?! Yup, a fur vest!  Expect to see this one in Material Girls soon! 

All the girls are so excited about this new boot line Whitney picked up!

Another bonus of attending market in Vegas is a snagging some to die for couture look-alike pieces like this one we found that is just like a Missoni print that costs thousands of dollars!

We also get to see Spring 2012 at market and it just makes us SO ready to see all the bright colors again, here is a peek of what is to come for Roberta Oaks this Spring!  You know we love her unique sense of design and style paired with whimsical colors and prints!

For our Fashinstas and trendsetters, we want to know are you ready to carry this look in Mississippi for Fall 2011?  We ARE!  We found these at Chinese Laundry and we're ready to see them in-stores!  Lace-Ups are back this season so get ready!

And for those of you who missed our FAVORITE find when we posted it on Facebook, we'll end with these DY look a likes at a MUST HAVE price of only around $34.95! These should be arriving in a couple weeks or less so if you haven't gotten on the list yet, just email us at and we'll make sure you're the first to know when these arrive!

So hopefully you can tell we had a SUCCESSFUL trip to market and it'll just be a short while until all these hot looks will be arriving at Material Girls!  See you in the stores soon or on Facebook! We'll be sure to post pics when each of these arrive!

Happy Shopping! Love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Whitney reporting from Las Vegas Market!!

Good Morning Material Girls!

It's Whitney and I'm in Vegas for market this week! 

Girls, I'm SO excited to be at market again... yes that's right, just 3 weeks ago I was in LA for market!!  You know by now that it is my personal mission to bring all my Material Girls fans the BEST of the trends each season and with that, I know I must travel outside of the Southeast to ensure my customers have the most unique and exclusive items and brands!  I commit to you all that I will always travel as far as I need to make sure I get you the best of the best and at the best prices too! 

We went to the jewelry and accessories show yesterday and I got some great new lines so get excited! This morning we head out to the apparel show and that's where I'll see some our favorite lines from Basically Me and Judith March to VaVa and Voom!  I can't wait to see what new lines and designers are out at the show this week, it's always fun to meet a celebrity designer or discover an awesome new line from the West coast and bring it back to y'all in Mississippi! 

I want to make sure I keep connected with my customers, so I want to hear from YOU!  While I'm here at market, I'll be checking my email and Facebook constantly looking for you to let me know what trends, styles, and pieces you want me to keep a look out for while at market!  So, please feel FREE to keep the suggestions and requests coming! I'm giving y'all my personal email address, to email me anything from brands, even to pictures from magazines of items you want me to try to bring back! You know I'll do my very best to bring back EXACTLY what you're dying for this season!

Ok, we're off to market for the day, and trust me... it'll be a long day of shopping, buying, and excitement, but I'll give a full report of all my finds in the morning!  Wish me happy shopping!

Talk to y'all soon,

Friday, August 19, 2011

College Gameday!!!

Hey Ladies!

We want to make sure all our fans know about our college color email lists!  Simply post your email address on our Facebook Fan Page and let us know which college list you want to be notified about!  We'll send out new arrivals in your favorite college colors so you'll get FIRST picks on your must-haves! Or you can sign up for our Text2Shop list to receive exclusive texts about sale offers and new arrivals! We've started out in the SEC and USM but you just never know, the more requests we get, the more schools we'll start buying for!  Here are a few examples from recent email blasts!  

Here is the REASON you're following this blog, you can call any of our 3 locations regarding the items seen below, mention this blog....and get 20% OFF the featured items!!! 

Mississippi State University



USM fan, sign up NOW because we're sending our your notification soon!  Thanks for shopping with us and keep checking with us because there is TONS more to come!! 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sshhhh Secret Sale TONIGHT!!

Hey Loyal Text2Shop List Fans!!!

Here is the info you've been waiting for!  The ENTIRE store is at least 40% OFF!! That means there are deals even BIGGER than that! Make sure to come see us TONIGHT (we'd love you to bring a friend), Flowood & Ridgeland 6-8pm and Oxford 4 to 6pm! Since you're such loyal fans, we wanted to give our text list first pick on all our fabulous merchandise, ALL clothes are 40% off, ALL handbags are 40% off, all JEWELRY is 40% off (yes, that means Tarina and Lauren G Adams too!!)  ALL sack rack items will be $10!  In addition to those amazing deals, here are some more that will make you RUN to this exclusive sale tonight!  Don't be late and you must be in line to check out by 8pm in Jackson stores and 6pm in Oxford.

We'll have a SIZZLIN’ SALE TABLE that will include the following deals:

Dogeared Necklaces $10
Scarves $5
Cotton Shorts $5
Foot Petals $2
Spanx $10
White Jeans $20
Lexx Perry $5
NuBras $10
Bangle Bucket $5
Sale Shoes $5
Material Girls t-shirts $3
Headband Bar $5
Necklace Bar $5

*All sales are final  - no exceptions
*Sale applies in store only - no phone orders (out of town customers, you know we'll do a special sale for yall too!)
*No holding items
*No calling the other stores during sale hours to check other sizes
*No use of gift cards during the sale, must pay with cash or credit card

We're SO excited about this sale and can't wait to see all of you tonight!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Come save on all red, white, & blue now thru Sunday at all 3 locations!!
(*select section of sale items of all red white and blue on sale, ask employees for further info)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Curious how to wear your Headband?!

Have you wondered the best way to wear a headband? Or thought about how to get the most out of your purchase by making your headband more versatile? The stylist at Material Girls will show you how to do exactly that! Have fun and enjoy our headband lesson!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet some Material Girls!

You've all seen them in our Facebook pics, now get to know Ginny & Brittany a little better and learn about their personal style and how they incorporate their favorite pieces from Material Girls into their personal look! Listen carefully because you may just hear about an exclusive offer ONLY for our blog followers and text list!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's ALL about Statement Jewelry!

Hey Ladies!

It's been a busy summer and we have some awesome looks to show you pics of and to give you ideas on how to make the most of your basics with just a few fabulous pieces of statement jewelry! 
Here is a hot look!  This bright and bold skirt needs nothing more than this sleek black tank.... we've added a fun beaded necklace and multi-colored rhinestone bangle to complete the look.  You'll see how we incorporate this necklace in several outfits, making the MOST of your fashion jewelry collection!

Everyone loves a one-shoulder dress and this bright orange color is perfect for summer and even better as a template for some fabulous jewelry!  Always remember your basic solid's are a blank canvas to change up the look every time by just adding some fabulous accessories and jewelry!  Here is the same necklace from the previous outfit looking completely different when added to a bold color dress! We've also added a funky headband for an even more unique look!  Wait till you see what we do we the exact same dress with simply switching up the jewelry and accessories!

 And just like this... we've given you a whole new look!
Here's a completely different look by just adding some more sophisticated accessories... go from day to night with just a change of a necklace and add a belt!  This gold tassel necklace is one of our staff favorites and the simple camel color belt makes this dress a whole new look that works for day or night!

Here's another fabulous look with this baby blue dress by James & Joy... another bright and bold basic made complete with some fabulous jewelry!  You'll see the multi-colored beaded necklace again simply to show you that you don't need a lot of statement pieces, you just need to be creative with just a few and use it throughout your wardrobe to make the most of all your Summer basics!  We've also featured a shorter necklace with a lavender tube for yet another look to mix up the same dress in different ways!  The third necklace is a bit more understated but that doesn't mean it misses the mark, this double looped necklaces and taupe belt look fabulous with this dress!

 We hope this blog has been helpful in showing you that you don't always have to buy multiple pieces for every outfit! We're all about making the most of what you have and mixing and matching to create completely new looks every time you wear your favorite piece!  Remember, we're always ready to help you complete a look from head to toe, so come by any of our 3 locations... you can even bring in YOUR favorite basic piece and we'll freshen it up with the perfect accessories to make it new again!