Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey ladies! I hope you are all having a FAB summer! Down in Mississippi we are learning the TRUE meaning of a HOT summer! Here at Material Girls we are always searching for the next big trend! Nothing makes us happier than announcing that we have found it!!! What is it you wonder???? Well, it is “shopping for a cause!” Now, if you ladies are anything like me, all shopping is for a good cause duh the “filling of my closet” is the best cause of ALL! Haha! No, but really doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you get to help someone in need! If you think the only way to do that is volunteering or donating money well we are here to set the record straight!!! You can help others and STAY ON TREND at Material Girls!!! Take a glance at a couple of our BRANDS FOR A CAUSE!!!!

Here we go!!!! FIRST "Lily and Laura Bracelets"

AHHH BRACELETS! I swear I cannot get ENOUGH of them!! These sweet little things are “Lily and Laura Bracelets!” They are beaded bracelets that are handcrafted by the village women in Nepal. Where is Nepal you ask? Nepal is a landlocked country between India and Tibetan region of China. Still confused? Well, Nepal is also the home of Mount Everest….the tallest mountain in the world!!
Here are a few pictures of the ladies making the bracelets! Yes, this is a roof top they love sitting on the roof top while they are making the FAB bracelets!

Proceeds from your purchase help to improve the lives of their families! The women of Nepal design and  hand crochet each bracelet bead by bead. These beautiful bracelets stretch and roll over your hand for a perfect fit on anyone!!!! Now, the only problem with these bracelets is deciding which colors to choose!!! Here are a few of our FAV ways to wear them!!!! We Hope you can stop by or call to order your Lily and Laura bracelet soon!!!!

Chunky necklace I think YES YES YES!!!! These are hand crafted necklaces from the Akola project. This is a non-profit enterprise in Uganda, East Africa that trains, empowers, and equips over 200 women to uplift the lives of their families and communities through income generating crafts! 

We are LOVING these new necklaces they are for a good cause and ON TREND! These jewelry sales equip the women with monthly income to provide food, medical care, and education for their families. Stop by and pick up your new chunky necklace and always remember the power of women! Here are a some of the ladies that are apart of the Akola Project!!! 

A few of our FAV pieces!!!! 

Stay tuned for more BRANDS FOR A CAUSE that are sure to impress!!! Never forget that life is much more than a picture! Life is never black and white struggles come in all shapes colors and forms! Never under estimate the power of HELPING even if is in a small way!! Small things can make BIG impacts!!! 

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    Shyam Tamang