Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day FUN!!

Hey Material Girls!!! I hope you all had a FAB long holiday weekend!!!! Nothing makes me more thankful for the “F’s” in life than Memorial Day. What are the “F’s” in life you wonder? Well, “Friends, Family, Fashion, and FOOD” of course. I love being able to spend time with my friends and family and enjoy some “M,M,M material girls eats!!” Yes, even fashionistas have to make time for FAB EATS!!!! I am excited to share with you some of my favorite summer dishes!!! Oh, and don’t worry I will also be explaining my fashion forward cooking threads too!!!! I said before life wouldn't be possible without the "F's" in life!! I couldn't start this weekend without packing TONS of FAB fashions!!! Here is a glimpse of my suitcase as I got ready for my BEACH VACAY!!!! 

Okay Ladies! Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day right???? I love starting my day with a FAB brunch with a view of the beach!!! What 5 star restaurant am I dinning at you ask??? Oh just my balcony no restaurant ladies!!! Yep, you heard it right I cooked this YUMMY breakfast burrito this morning!!!! I was the perfect start to our LONG BEACH DAY!!!! 
Friends on the beach ahh such a great way to spend this holiday weekend!!! Meet Kara, she is one of my best friends and was the special lady that got to enjoy those delish breakfast burritos this morning!!! Oh and fashionistas...Material Girls has a great selection of swim suits and headbands like the one I am wearing that are perfect for this Summer! 

No you are not imagining things this is Whitney and you guessed it Travis from THE BACHELORETTE!!!! Travis is always shopping for the girls in his life at Material Girls! I just love his sweet sister Clancy too! 

Pimiento and Cheese!!! Sunny days at the beach for sure call for a lunch you can throw in an ice chest!! I am LOVING pimiento and cheese this year!!!  PLUS orange is the new color of the season!!!! 
Hannah and I after we enjoyed our YUMMO sandwiches!!!!!!

I LOVE mini food!!!! Something about a mini-burger with 2 or 3 bites just seems so right!!! Little chicken mini's were SOO GOOD!!!                                     

I hear that you eat with your eyes??? I don't know how all of that works but this salad just LOOKS so good and it is just that GOOD!!!! Salads are perfect for summer cookouts!! This corn salad is so cool, colorful, and YUMMY!!!

Ladies, if you LOVE crab claws but don't want to mess up that beach body with all the fat from FRYING them then OMG.....these are your savior!!!!! Sautéed crab claws are a MUST!!!! Ahh so good!!! Secret is just add Italian  dressing  to the crab claws and they are a FAB treat!!!!    

TAN is right!!!! Can you tell it is our last day at the beach!!!! WOW, we had a great time!!!! These are my friends Candace, Jessie (Oxford Manager), Me, Kara, and Katherine!

Okay Material Girls! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Ladies, lets not forget the real reason for this wonderful holiday! It is a time we can be thankful for all of those men and women who serve for our country. Our America couldn’t be possible without these special men and women who put it all on the line for our FREEDOM!!! Take a little time and remember all of the brave soldiers that have fought for our country!!!

Enjoy Ladies! Don’t forget to always be “on trend!!!!!!”

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