Monday, November 14, 2011

BEST way to get your Favorite items off Facebook FIRST

Hey Material Girls!!

With almost 11,000 fans, our Facebook page has really taken off and we post pictures EVERY week of 100's of new arrivals (mostly on Tuesdays, hint hint)!  All 4 locations get new shipments in almost every day so whenever you visit the store, there will ALWAYS be something new to try on!

Every Tuesday, we post a new album to our Facebook page, within that album will be all our fabulous new arrivals of clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry!  We show you the whole outfit styled so you can shop easily from work or home!  We ship out packages everyday to our fabulous Facebook customers!  

Here is some basic info about shipping and Facebook, this info will help better serve you and get your orders out to you quicker and more efficiently.
1. We ship normal size packages for $5 anywhere in the U.S.!!  Boots and larger items will cost $10 for shipping.
2. We offer insurance for an additional $5 for packages $200 or less. We can insure larger packages for an additional fee.  When you place an order whether its on Facebook or over the phone please let us know if you would like insurance or not.
3. All packages will ship via the US Post Office regular mail unless otherwise specified by the customer.
We wanted to give our fans a few pointers on how to get your items FIRST and FAST!  Here are the steps to remember when commenting on our Facebook pictures so you'll get your item before it sells out!

1. Find your favorite items in the albums
2. Comment under the picture - (most items come in Small, Medium, & Large so when we post new arrivals we have all sizes, so its easiest if you just tell us which size you want rather than asking which sizes we have, that takes time and then your size may be sold by then and we would hate for you to miss your item!!)

A.  IN-STORE CUSTOMERS - comment on the item you want, tell us which size you want and your favorite store you shop at, then tell us if you want us to charge your CC on file and you'll just pick up later or let us know if we can hold it for you (only hold until the end of the night).

example 1:  "Please pull a small for me at Dogwood and I'll come try it on tonight" 
example 2: "Please pull a small for me at Dogwood, charge my card on file and I'll stop by to pick it up tomorrow after work."

B. SHIPPING CUSTOMERS - comment on the item you want and tell us which size you'd like and then let us know if we can charge your info on file or if you're a new customer let us know and we'll tell you which location to call to give your info!

example 1: "Please ship a small to me!  My shipping and payment info is on file!  I do not want insurance on my package" 
example 2: "Please ship a small to me!  My shipping and payment info is on file!  I do want insurance on my package" 
example 3: "Please ship a small to me! I am a new customer and I'd like to purchase this over the phone, please pull my size and let me know which store to call to give my information for shipping and payment" 

We hope this helps and makes your ordering process with Material Girls go smoother!  Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at
Happy Shopping!!

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